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UV Viewing Cabinet

UV Viewing Cabinet

UV Viewing Cabinet: Illuminating Excellence in Laboratory and Medical Environments

Welcome to our state-of-the-art UV Viewing Cabinet, meticulously designed and manufactured in the vibrant city of Thane, Mumbai, India. As a leading manufacturer, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions for laboratories, hospitals, and biotechnology centres. Our UV Viewing Cabinet ensures precision, safety, and efficiency in handling UV-sensitive materials.. Engineered with advanced UV filters, ergonomic design, and a commitment to safety, our cabinets provide a shielded environment for handling UV-sensitive materials. Elevate your workflow with the reliability and innovation embedded in every UV Viewing Cabinet we create. Experience the combination of quality craftsmanship and technological excellence - all proudly made in Thane, Mumbai, India. Explore multiple applications of our UV Viewing Cabinet in enhancing your workflow and ensuring accurate results.


Eye Safety:

The UV Viewing Cabinet provides a shielded environment, protecting the eyes from harmful UV radiation during the visualization of UV-sensitive materials, ensuring the safety of laboratory personnel and medical professionals.

Precision and Accuracy:

With advanced UV filters and optimized lighting, our UV Viewing Cabinet ensures the accurate visualization of fluorescence signals and gel details, promoting precise analysis and reliable results.

Workflow Efficiency:

The ergonomic design of the cabinet enhances workflow efficiency by providing a dedicated space for UV-sensitive work. This streamlines processes and minimizes the risk of contamination.

Quality Control:

For industries involved in quality control and assurance, the UV Viewing Cabinet is an indispensable tool for inspecting materials with UV-dependent properties, ensuring compliance with quality standards.


The cabinet accommodates various applications, making it a versatile asset in laboratories, hospitals, and medical settings. Its adaptability to different tasks enhances its overall utility.

Invest in our UV Viewing Cabinet to elevate your laboratory and medical practices. With a commitment to quality, safety, and innovation, our UV Viewing Cabinet is your trusted partner in achieving excellence in UV-sensitive material handling and analysis. Order now to experience precision, safety, and efficiency in your work environment.

Application :

Gel Documentation: In laboratories, the UV Viewing Cabinet is a crucial component for gel documentation systems. It facilitates the visualization and documentation of nucleic acid and protein gels, ensuring accurate analysis and documentation of experimental outcomes.

Fluorescence Studies: The cabinet is an essential tool for fluorescence studies, allowing researchers and medical professionals to visualize and analyze fluorescently labeled samples with exceptional clarity.

Forensic Analysis: In forensic laboratories, the UV Viewing Cabinet is utilized for the examination of biological samples, such as bloodstains and other bodily fluids, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of forensic analysis.

Microbial Detection: The cabinet plays a pivotal role in microbial detection processes, aiding in the observation of microbial cultures, fluorescence-based assays, and other microbiological applications.

Drug Development: Pharmaceutical laboratories rely on UV Viewing Cabinets for drug development processes. They enable the observation of reactions involving fluorescent markers, ensuring precise monitoring and analysis.

Medical Imaging: In hospitals and medical institutions, the UV Viewing Cabinet finds application in medical imaging, particularly in the viewing and examination of X-ray films, ensuring a reliable and accurate diagnostic process.

Eyes are protected from the UV filter in the viewing window and used for inspecting thin-layer chromatograms or other objects under UV light in absence of ambient light.

Viewing Port :

UV light absorbs by the soft rubber viewport & contrast control filter which protects the eyes from UV Light.

Timer :

Safety timer for user safety. Auto switch off timing after – 10 min.

Electrical Safety :

Electrical safety conforms to the standards for electrical safety IEC 60601-General requirements or equivalent BIS Standard.

Certified to be compliant with IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-40 for safety.

About Unit :

User-safe, self-contained chamber with convenient handling Clear viewing window.

Door can be open or close via hinged door through button operation for each of two UV tubes. Homogeneous illumination of chamber

UV tubes :

UV tubes – 2 Nos (each 8W)

Long-wave UV light - 366nm

Short-wave UV light - 254nm

Warnings :

If any warning signs adequately displayed to the user.

Certification :

CE approved product.

ISO certified product.

ISO 13485 certification under ISO 9001for quality standards.

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UV Viewing Cabinet