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Anaerobic Jar Filling System / Jar Box

Fast accurate Gas jar filling system to create quick anaerobic or microaerophilic conditions in jars (Jars can be either 6 x 90mm
or 12 x 90mm plate capacity)


The Anaerobic Jar Filling System creates anaerobic or microaerophilic conditions inside a jar in less than 2 minutes. It uses unique vacuum/purging technology to achieve quick results. No additional chemicals or gas packs are needed

  • Up to 2 jars can be filled at the same time
  • O2 control from 0% to 10% in 1% increments
  • Touch screen display protected with password security.
  • Thermal Printer(Optional)- to print the database and quality assurance result
  • Simple assembly, easy to connect from Jar to System & Disconnect ( Vice Versa )

Technical Specifications Of Anaerobic Jar Filling System / Jar Box

Gas Supplies N2 or AnO2 ( CO2 : H2 : N2 ) ( 10 : 5 : 85 )
Pressure 150 kg / cm²
Touch Screen Display HMI Type L 90 mm x D 50 mm
Dimensions (W / D / H)in mm 200 X 400 X 350
Weight 6.4 kg
Weight 120 kg
Power Supply 230 V



Jar Gassing